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Careers / Early Intervention Licensed Therapist

Early Intervention Licensed Therapist

Anne Arundel County Early Intervention Program is looking for a licensed therapist to provide behavioral support in the school and community. This position is geared towards students aged 3-8 years old that have behavioral problems at school and are at risk for going on a non-public education route. Our goal is to be able to provide behavioral support in the school and home to reduce said behaviors. The position is 40 hours a week, with some flexibility of scheduling and other benefits. Services will take place in the Anne Arundel County School Clusters as well as students’ home. Therapist will not have more than 7 clients at any given time. Therapist will also have the support of a Therapist Aide when working with clients and families.


  • Home base must be the Millersville office, but all qualified Thrivers are encouraged to apply
  • Full time licensed therapist (LG/LM’s and LC’s)
  • Experience with a younger population of 3 years old and up
  • Must be familiar with multiple intervention types
  • Able to form strong connections with integral school staff and families

Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain active caseload list of Early Intervention students
  • Attend interest meetings with Early Intervention team
  • Assist in program development and related tasks
  • This position is not paid on a fee-for-service basis, but is paid hourly. Desired candidates should be able to collaborate effectively with a team of professionals. Candidates should be able to interact in a professional manner, build productive & positive relationships with others, both internally and externally. The successful candidate will confidently represent the agency and its mission.